Since 1992, we have researched, conceived and implemented what is most advanced and effective in Management to promote the success of our clients. For us, Management is an Art.

Combination of inspiration, talent and techniques capable of arousing emotions and generating development. We thus create a new meaning for consulting. Building a bridge between the sensitivity and the emotions of the artistic world and the pursuit of results from the business world is our purpose. We treat every client as he is: unique. We offer customized support to build a better business fabric and thus a better world.

How it all began

In the laundry room of a house in Morumbi neighbourhood, in São Paulo, Valter Pieracciani realizes his dream and founds the Pieracciani Business Development. The human figure above represents Valter working as an engineer at Pirelli and dreaming about his own consultancy. The bubbles in the washing machine symbolize the clouds of ideas that Valter was developing in his first office, a laundry. The old money notes in the background represent the initial capital that Valter's mother loaned him to start his consulting activities. Characters work inside the washing machine, as if it were a spaceship, a new endeavor. It is from there that the bubbles start to turn into Ideas (bulbs) in the next frame.

Growth and new office

Pieracciani leaves the laundry and goes to a new office on Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue. There, the founders spent a lot of time structuring and customizing projects for clients. The bubbles in frame 1 enter the office and turn into bulbs that fly out of the window towards the sky (connecting with the next frame). The buildings were made with clippings of pictures of buildings taken from newspapers and magazines.


Pieracciani moves out again, this time to a larger office on the Avenida Vereador José Diniz, and begins to take off, conquering great clients: Nestlé (nest), Hospital São Luís (cross), Grupo Accor and others. The bulbs have turned into something concrete, the balloon, which takes the company higher and higher, towards the outside. In the background, the Sao Paulo map has two directions: on Faria Lima Avenue, the first office; in the Vereador José Diniz Avenue, the second. The initial X, "extracted" from the painting and positioned in the new headquarters, is inspired by the cover of the book "Quality is not myth and works"(Fundação Nestlé de Cultura), Launched in 1996 by Valter Pieracciani.

International recognition and publication of books

It represents the end of the formation and consolidation of the company. Pieracciani signs an agreement with Pritchett, the world leader in transformation management and publishes its first books through Editora Canal Certo. The globe is inspired by the Prichett logo, a golden globe. The balloon leaves Brazil and goes to the United States through arrows (roadmap). There, it becomes books, which the Pieracciani team brings to Brazil and disseminates among its clients around the world, applying the methodology developed until then. The background image is a nautical chart, with the oceans and continents. A message that works both to convey the idea of ​​internationalization and as a sea route, which will culminate in the port of Pier in the last frame.

Wave of logistics and Época magazine case

This chart represents the movement of specialization in Logistics, more specifically the Época Magazine case, when Pieracciani helped "Editora Globo" (Globo Publishing House ) to launch its first weekly publication and reach the homes of class C long before the concept of base of the pyramid. It explores a close-up in an open magazine, where people discuss logistics strategies. The calendar highlights the first weekly magazine of Globo. The elements in view in the open magazine represent the outskirts, initial focus of distribution of Época magazine.

Consolidation as boutique

Pieracciani consolidates itself as a consulting boutique, already focused on innovation management. The background images refer to roadmaps, process steps, such as the step-by-step transformation of a sheet of paper into an origami plane. The building below represents the Pieracciani boutique and, within it, one of the teams of consultants working on projects. On the wall behind the Team are the previous tables, reinforcing the experience accumulated and the knowledge of the consultancy. The origami plane also refers to the Design-Driven Innovation methodology, which will come in the next phase. The consultancy prepares for the next international alliance.

New international partnership

Pieracciani closes a deal with innovation guru Prof. Roberto Verganti and now exclusively represents the Design-Driven Innovation methodology in Brazil. The image is depicted from a high point of view, close to the sun, representing the pioneer, in the sense of the privileged look, sighting new horizons. The icon bar at the bottom of the frame represents, through each icon, one of seven pictures that tell the story of Pieracciani. At the ends of the bar are the years of 1992 and 2012, making reference to the 20 years of history.

The Pier and the vision of the future

The pier represents a meeting point for people and for information exchange, culture and knowledge. The safe place to anchor. That's the logic behind the launch of the group's second service brand, Pier. The people gathered at the pier represent the diversity and the concept of Team and also the collaboration and development of the project with the client. The sea is calm and the sky clear and radiant. There are no storms that separate Pieracciani from new and challenging horizons. What comes next?

Our story

In a quarter of a century, we have become one of Brazil's leading innovation management consultancies. Our history blends with leading companies such as Nestlé, Ambev, Oi, CPFL, BRF, Embraer, Odebrecht and Bradesco. We have more than 600 successful projects with measurable results.

Periodically, Brazilian artists are invited to capture the spirit of Pieracciani and interpret it through their sensitivity.

In 2012, Bruno Mestriner and Yuri Garfunkel, using mixed technique of collage, serigraphy and acrylic paint on recycled paper, designed and built eight paintings that tell the story of Pieracciani. At the end, flaps generated during the elaboration of the works were reused by the artists in a last frame, which constitutes our logo. The paintings are on permanent display in the Pieracciani collection.















2015 Innovation becomes value

2016 Being an Open Innovation Reference

2017 Merging with the competitor

2018 Retail Pieracciani

O Início

1992 - The Beginning

In the laundry of a house located in the neighborhood of Morumbi (São Paulo – Brazil) Valter Pieracciani makes his dream come true and sets his first office.

Sem Paredes


It’s one of the first companies to have an open space office – no walls.


1996 - Growth

The growth of the company takes it to a new address in São Paulo, Luis Carlos Berrini Avenue. The advanced internal management practices and the technical solutions adopted are always more recognized.

Canal Certo

1997 - Canal Certo

The company closes a deal with Pritchett, world leader in transformation management. Thanks to this deal the first books published by Prittchett arrive in Brazil. Canal Certo Publishing House is born, Pieracciani’s editorial arm.

Revista Época

1999 - Epoca Magazine

Logistics are the engine of evolution. Pieracciani helps Editora Globo (Globo Publishing Company) to launch its first weekly publication (Epoca Magazine). Before the concept of “the pyramid base concept” had been created, thousands of homes of the already identified emerging classes started receiving the magazine.

Revista Época

2000 - INMET case

Pieracciani implements a system of quality management at Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia (National Institute of Meteorology) and performs the biggest certification of multi plants in the world – 428 meteorological stations. Quality became the new frontier in management advances.

A Grande Virada

2001 - The Big Change

With Pieracciani’s support and guidance, the pharmaceutical company Bristol -Myers Squibb launches its biggest transformation project in organization culture. At the same time, the recuperation project of ABNT – Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) led by Pieracciani returned Brazil to its prominent position in the international technical standards scenario.

Porto de Manaus

2003 - Port of Manaus

Work involving logistics and strategy to make Porto of Manaus an international reference.

Gestão da Inovação

2004 - Management of Innovation

Innovation consolidates as the path to growth with results. After four years of studies and research conducted by Pieracciani, clients engage in programs of Management of Innovation.

Usina de Inovações

2007 - Innovation Engine

With the Centro de Pesquisas da Petrobrás (Petrobras Research Center), the company starts the innovation project called “Mobilidade no Ano de 2015” (Mobility in the year 2025). Valter Pieracciani’s second book, “Innovation Engine”, is launched by Canal Certo Publishing House.


2009 - SENAI

SENAI (Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial – National Service for Industrial Training) chooses Pieracciani as partner to develop and implement an Innovation Management Model, a reference for the industry in Brazil.

Comunicação eficaz

2011 - Effective Communication

Canal Certo Publishing House launches Barbara Minto’s “Pyramide Principle” ( O Princípio da Pirâmide) , a book about effective communication.

Design-Driven Innovation

2012 - Design-Driven Innovation

Pieracciani and Harvard Business Review agree to launch the book “Design-Driven Innovation” by Roberto Verganti. Pieracciani becomes the exclusive representative of the methodology in Brazil.

Design-Driven Innovation


Strengthens its performance in open innovation by investing and accelerating startups

Design-Driven Innovation

2015 - Innovation becomes value

Develops expertise in the world of banks and fintechs. Performs the strategic planning of PAG Seguro - which will result in the largest IPO in Brazilian history.

Design-Driven Innovation

2016 - Being an Open Innovation Reference

Recognized for its expertise in Open Innovation, is selected by Bradesco for the implementation of the second and decisive Inovabra cycle, from which Inovabra Habitat, Hub, International and other divisions will emerge.

Design-Driven Innovation

2017 - Merging with the competitor

Joins the competitor Alaggi and invests in the platform 100 open startups consolidating the performance in Open Innovation and conquering position of reference in this field

Design-Driven Innovation

2018 - Retail Pieracciani

Pieracciani won the Brazilian Ministry of Industry and Commercial Development contract process to develop “Prova” — a laboratory of retail innovation in Shopping Frei Caneca

Purpose and Values

We love making things function, work out, and be sure we make the difference. Our fulfillment at work is facing management as art and building better companies, one after the other, and in all aspects. Better companies make up a better business structure, a better collective. A better world. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients’ teams in a positive atmosphere of collaboration, friendship and good vibes. We learn and teach all the time. We encourage people to grow in their careers and foster the development of their organizations. This way we place our clients at the forefront of management.

We are honored to be part of a winning and unique Team. Pieracciani is the story of this team, a reference in consultancy for innovation. Special professionals driven by trust, performance with respect and freedom with responsibility. Pieracciani is also a society and all those who work here may become partners.We deliver the best possible of each one of us. We believe in happy work. We are proud to have gotten where we have gotten and of being who we are, of our ability to perform, our pioneering and our strength. We are a team that loves what it does. Special people working together, improving and accomplishing at work. We are Team Pieracciani and are proud to be part of it.


Dreaming, overcoming challenges and making it happen with results.


Talented, united and confident people to make things happen.


See what no one else sees and take the lead as protagonists of a new reality.


Believe! Move on and fully commit.

  1. 1. Innovation and knowledge management

    Knowledge is fuel for innovation and innovation is fuel for competitivity. We have transformed common enterprises into Innovation Engines, and we have harnessed radical innovation in already innovative organizations. We design, structure and implement models that strengthen the management of innovation and knowledge by treating it as a valuable asset. Open innovation, roadmaps and technologies, diagnostics of practices maturity and performance indicators in innovation, innovative ideas generation and internal or external accelerators (start up) of innovation and management systems of PD & I. Innovation and competitiveness in strategic sectors and public administration. We are exclusive representatives in Brazil of the Politecnico di Milano and the methodology Design-Driven Innovation, of the "innovation guru" Prof. Roberto Verganti.

  2. 2. Excellence in operations

    Gain organizational performance and productivity. We restructure, design and implement management models for results. We deploy strategies and visions of the future into action plans and results. Performance management and monitoring systems. We act directly to promote business excellence. To make it more competitive and get maximum effectiveness.

  3. 3. Planning and strategies

    New business models for a new world. We act in the definition of strategies, covering business analysis, competitiveness and results. We rethink together and come up with differentiated alternatives on how to structure your management model or your new business, as well as monitor the results.

  1. 1. Special people make special companies

    We develop and implement corporate education and certification programs, directly applicable contents and publications. Based on more than 23 years "in the field" as consultants of "bigger and better" companies, we empower leaders, managers and multipliers. We prepare specific approaches for each need, reality and company. Specially developed methods that combine classrooms, melee application, coaching and monitoring.

  2. 2. Politecnico di Milano

    Pieracciani has an international agreement with the Politecnico di Milano, a state-owned Italian university with a scientific-technological background that trains engineers, architects and designers, occupying a prominent position among the best and most traditional universities in the world.

  3. 3. Innovation Belt - nnovation Managers Certification

    In partnership with SGS, the world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification, Pieracciani has created the IBELT - Innovation Belt -, the innovation certification aimed to spreading knowledge, skills needed by innovation angents and leaders and expanding best practices in innovation management around the world.

  4. 4. Publications - Editora Canal Certo

    Editora Canal Certo is Pieracciani's Publishing House. It publishes, with exclusivity, action trigger knowledge. In Canal Certo books condenses the best and most advanced methodologies for thepeople development, teams and organizations. Our book portfolio consists in titles such as "Design-Driven Innovation", Usina de Inovações - "Innovation Plant", "O Princípio da Pirâmide" (The Pyramid Principle), “Qualidade não é mito e dá certo” (Quality is not myth and it works).

  1. 1. Maximum advancement at minimum cost

    We do all the work necessary for your company to obtain resources for innovation. Maximum advance at minimum cost, preserving internal resources for current activities. We accompany every day the opportunities in the National Innovation System. We classify and qualify the current and future projects of your portfolio according to the multiple lines of incentives. We structure the necessary documents, monitor the results and accountability throughout the projects.

  2. 2. Pier Funding

    In 2013 Pieracciani felt the need to launch a second brand that was directly associated with Funding's services for innovation. Pier was born thus, absorbing part of the Pieracciani portfolio projects. The two brands coexist harmoniously and algined with the Group's growth strategy.

Meet our Team!

We are a team that loves what it does. Special people working together, improving and accomplishing at work.

We are Team Pieracciani and are proud to be part of it. Meet each one of our professionals.

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